About Sedona Arizona

Sedona is situated among red sandstone formations located in upper Verde Valley of north-central Arizona, half way between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. Boasting four temperate seasons, sunny skies and bountiful fresh air, Sedona sits at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon. Beautiful Oak Creek meanders through the city.

The friendly little city sits in Coconino and Yavapai Counties. There are three distinct residential areas of Sedona: Uptown, Village of Oak Creek, and West Sedona. Approximately 12,000 residents call Sedona home, while 4 million tourists visit the area annually. First-time visitors, whether here for recreation or relaxation, are initially awed by the red rocks, but return time after time for all that Sedona offers.

The city of Sedona is a mecca for artists, spirit-seekers, sightseers as well as hikers and vacationers. Artist retreats, film festivals, world-class luxury resorts, guided tours and shopping are among the activities that draw visitors. The city is family-friendly as well as the perfect spa getaway for an individual seeking nothing more than serenity. Many people that visit our area would like to relocate to Sedona Arizona.

Other interests include archeological Native American ruins, mystical vortexes and spiritual marvels. Palatki Heritage Site, Airport Vortex and Chapel of the Holy Cross are among these wonders of Sedona.

From the simple to the sublime, Sedona restaurants vary from fast food to mouth-watering international cuisine prepared by world-renown chefs. The kids will giggle when they spot Ronald's turquoise, southwest-design drive-thru.

Although job-seekers may find work is scarce in Sedona, for the self-motivated small business owner, the city is ideal. For Robert, who loves web design and development, days begin early. He can't wait to get to his office to begin work each day. And, who can blame him? His office window encompasses a view that overlooks West Sedona, taking in Chimney Spire, Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot. Contact Robert for your next Sedona web design project.